How to watch Nokia MWC 2017 live stream, live blog

How to watch Nokia MWC 2017 live stream, live blog | Nokia Android phone UK release date, price and specification rumours: Watch Nokia's MWC 2017 press conference to see new Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 3310 unveiled

On Sunday Nokia will announce four new phones, including at least three new Nokia Android phones. Read on to find out how to watch the Nokia MWC 2017 live stream, follow our Nokia launch live blog, and check out all the latest rumours on upcoming Nokia Android phones including the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 (Nokia Heart), Nokia 6, Nokia 8 (Nokia P1) and retro Nokia 3310. Nokia Android phone UK release date, price and specification rumours.

Nokia has finally announced its first 2017 Android phone, the China-only Nokia 6, which marks its return to the mainstream mobile market. Fortunately there are more new Nokia Android phones to come that will also be sold in other regions, and this Nokia 6 is merely a taster. Here's what you need to know about the Nokia Android phone release date, price and specifications.

At MWC 2017 Nokia will show off four phones: the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, plus a modern version of the Nokia 3310 feature phone. You can read more about each of these phones below.

But isn't Nokia dead?

Once the biggest and best-known mobile phone manufacturer, following some tough competition from iPhone and Android Nokia in 2011 made the fatal mistake of agreeing to produce only Windows phones. In 2014 it packed up its mobile phone game and sold its business to Microsoft. Fast-forward to 2017, and with Android onboard, this could be the Nokia comeback we've been waiting for.

It's still not quite Nokia as we know it, since Finnish brand HMD Global currently owns the rights to develop, build and sell Nokia-branded phones - although it does so with Nokia's input.

New Nokia Android phones UK release date rumours: When are the new Nokia Android phones coming out?

We already knew Nokia was planning to announce new Android phones at MWC 2017, but it has now confirmed that a special presentation will take place on Sunday 26 February at 4.30pm local time. Nokia invites journalists to "hear about the next exciting chapter in the Nokia consumer story". It will be on this date that it announces new Nokia Android phones, with the devices going on sale shortly after.

Most likely to be announced at MWC are the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, with the already announced Nokia 6 also on show (that phone went on sale in China on 19 January, but is rumoured to be launching elsewhere including Taiwan). These will be budget Android phones, while the rumoured Nokia flagship will arrive later in the year. (Since it is said to be running the Snapdragon 835 processor, it cannot launch before the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is expected to go on sale 21 April.)

There's also likely to be an update to the Nokia 3310, though this will be a feature- rather than smartphone and may not be running Android.